Slight Work

Nearly everyone who has gone through the perils of high school has had plenty of work to get done, but no time to do it. Students with extracurriculars have it the worst. They are attempting to manage sports competitions, band practice, and AP classes with little help. Slight Work is here to help bring an end to many issues students face daily.

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Homework Management

Slight Work is great for homework management. You start by entering in all of the classes you are currently taking. Each class has a name, a selected color, and several other optional features that improve the capabilities of the app's built-in productivity mode.

Productivity Timer

One of the best features of Slight Work is the “productivity mode," cleverly named Slight Mode. It makes use of several different technologies that all work together to help you get your work done as quickly as possible.

Schoolwork Calendar

Slight Work allows you to add not only homework and tests but reminders and school activities to your calendar as well. This feature helps keep all of the school-related tasks you need to get done in one place. Slight Work will send you a notification every time a reminder comes up.

Assignment Sharing

We know our friends forget about homework assignments all the time. This app makes it easy to add notes to your homework assignments and share them with your friends. Your classmates will stop asking for the homework they forgot to do since you've sent them the information through Slight Work!

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