Stanny, or officially the "Specialized Tensor Artificial Neural Network," is a series of artificial intelligence algorithms, external APIs, and integrated frameworks that combine to replicate AI "superintelligence" programs like Jarvis and Hal.


Kyber provides a backbone for Stanny in the form of critical data management capabilities. This application makes it possible to manipulate large NLP datasets with few errors.


Slight Work is a homework and productivity application available on the iOS App Store. It helps students at all levels keep track of assignments and study effectively.


Lighter is an app developed for Bluetooth smart lights that provides a concise UI and features like automatic color rotation and music synchronization.


Matter is an alarm clock created to get stubborn sleepers out of bed more effectively. It uses a pressure-sensitive mat placed under your mattress to verify you have left your bed.


Movie Master is an app designed to give users more information about the latest movies and trailers. The app displays cast and plot information and provides links to movie watching sites like Netflix.


Hydratr is a water bottle and associated app intended to remind users to drink water. A user schedules reminders for time intervals, and the water bottle "chirps" until your phone is close enough to the water bottle to deactivate it.

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