Movie Master

Movie Master is an informative movie and TV show app that helps you discover new and popular releases. Designed from the ground up to utilize beautiful photos and cinematography from films of all genres, Movie Master shows all the movie information you want, all in one place.

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Popular Movies

It's often hard to determine which movies are a "must watch," so Movie Master does the hard work for you. A list of the most recent movies and trailers is updated every day, ensuring that you won't miss a thing. Finding what movie to see with your friends just got a whole lot easier.

Search for Films & Shows

Looking for that movie your friends were talking about? Searching for all the movies your favorite actor has been in? Movie Master pulls from some of the largest movie databases to find what you want. Tired of typing? You can search through movies with the power of your voice too.

Streaming Collections

If the lists of popular movies and trailers weren't specific enough for you, we've also added lists of top movies and TV shows on streaming platforms as well. Next time your struggling to find something to watch, check out Movie Master first. You're welcome.

Updated Film News

If you like keeping up-to-date with the latest in cinema, this app is definitely for you. A constant feed of film news is right at your fingertips. What makes Movie Master great is its ability to show your favorite movies and their latest production news side-by-side.

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