Lighter is an app built to control Bluetooth Smart Lights. It provides standard remote capabilities as well as extra functions like music synchronization. Lighter can connect to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing you to change the characteristics of many lights at once.

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Asthetics are Important
(to me at least)

The main reason I decided to create this app was because of how ugly I found existing Bluetooth Smart Light apps. This may just be a personal preference, but I cannot stand ugly software and terrible user interfaces. I built Lighter to provide a smooth and comprehensive UI that expresses all the features of existing solutions in a "pretty" way.

Lighting & Effects

There are 4 main lighting styles available in the app. The first is generic colors, which are built-in with brightness control. Second, we have standard white lighting that turns a colorful space into a warm-lit room. Music synchronization is another prominent feature that uses the phone's microphone to judge fluctuations in sound. Lastly, we have effects like color fades and strobe light flashes.

Reverse Engineering

I didn't manufacture these lights myself, so I had to reverse engineer the existing apps to determine what Bluetooth packages went from my phone to the lights. I set up a profiler to test different commands and analyzed the results. Eventually, I had mapped out how to change nearly every aspect of the lights and implemented the protocols into Lighter.

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