I am awful at remembering to stay hydrated. Busy schedules don't make keeping track of water consumption much easier, and many of us go entire days without drinking any water at all. I designed the Hydratr to give consistent reminders about water in a way that doesn't flood your phone with unnecessary notifications. The prototype Hydratr shown uses a few clunky components to get the job done.

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App Functionality

The Hydratr app manages water reminders and allows you to set them at specific time intervals. When a reminder goes off, the water bottle starts to beep. When you're done drinking water, you can stop the bottle's beeps by placing your phone next to the bottle.

Components & Engineering

Attached to the water bottle is a Raspberry Pi single-board computer. It utilizes the computer's Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities to communicate with the Hydratr app and uses low-quality earbuds to make the reminder beeps. One component that needs further improvement is the power source, which is too large to make the Hydratr viable (as of now).

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