I, like many others, found it extremely difficult to wake up in the morning. Loud sounds and extreme alarms that utilized "bed shakers" could get me to open my eyes, but only to turn off the alarm. I needed an alarm clock that would force me to get out of bed and get on with my day, so I designed Matter, a pressure-sensitive alarm clock that keeps you out of bed.

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Managing Alarms

I found nothing wrong with Apple's standard UI for managing alarms, so I recreated their design for Matter. The difference between the two is that the Matter application only schedules alarms, while the physical alarm clock executes them. While setting alarms is always allowed, you must disarm all alarms before removing them (another trick to help you get out of bed).

Components & Engineering

Matter revolves around the pressure-sensitive mat used to detect your presence in bed. Once your scheduled alarm goes off, the alarm clock's speaker plays a loud sound of your selection. To prevent waking your neighbors or suffering permanent hearing loss, you need to get out of bed as soon as possible. Once the pressure mat senses this change, the sound will stop. If you decide to get back in bed, the pressure mat will trigger the alarm to sound again!

Foolproof Alarm Disarming

One of Matter's best features is the QR code disarming system. Matter uses several unique QR codes hidden throughout a home or dormitory. Once you get out of bed and realize there is no hope of going back to sleep, you need to figure out how to disarm the alarm. The app's disarm mode tries to get you up and moving by selecting 1-3 random QR codes for you to find and scan. Once you complete all of the required scans, the alarm will reset.

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